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Paint The Dinosaur Mini Dinosaur Set 3

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Paint for free! Paint the Dinosaur
PVC white figure set containing five dinosaurs found in Fukui Prefecture. Using the included six colors of paint and brushes, you can create your own Dinosaur World.

Sculptor: Kazunari Araki

Supervised by Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Product Size: L8〜10.8cm / 8~12g

Item CD: 70070

Set Contents

  • Fukuiraptor
  • Fukuisaurus
  • Fukuivenator
  • Fukuititan
  • Koshisaurus

About Paint the Dinosaur

PVC white color figures with paints and brushes included to recreate the dinosaurs in your favorite colors. Think back to the age of dinosaurs and create your own Dinosaur World with your own hands!

Materials, Notes

Material: ATBC-PVC(Figure) Water-based acrylic paint(Painting materials)Age range: 10 years old and up
●Do not give to children under the target age group as they may accidentally swallow or get injured. ●Please be careful when handling the figures, as some of them may be sharp in order to reproduce real creatures realistically. Please be careful when handling. ●Do not play with the product in a violent manner, such as hitting or swinging it. Do not use or store near fire or heaters.●Do not apply paint to skin or get it into eyes or mouth.