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Cambrian Creatures Cube Pen

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A new kind of puzzle pen that can be rotated and aligned
A puzzle-type ballpoint pen with designs on four sides of strange and bizarre creatures found in the Burgess Shale, a stratum from the middle Cambrian period, such as Anomalocaris, Opabinia, and Pikaia. It is a new kind of product that can be enjoyed not only as a ballpoint pen but also as a puzzle.

Product Size: L12.3×W1.5×H1.5cm / 20g

Item CD: 77801

About Cube Pen

A puzzle pen that combines the function of a pen with the element of a puzzle where you have to turn and match the patterns.

Materials, Notes

Material: ABS Age range: 7 years old and up
●Do not use for any purpose other than writing or drawing. ●Do not use for writing or drawing. ●Do not use for writing or drawing. Do not write upwards as this may cause ink to leak.

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