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Real Figure Strap Masu Trout

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Cell phone strap with a fishing fish motif figure
This is a figure strap of the queen of mountain streams, Yamame, also known as "mountain maidens" because of her beautiful appearance. Comes with a plug (ø3.5mm) that can be attached to the earphone jack. It comes with a plaque that prays for fishing success. You're sure to have a blast fishing with this!

Product Size: L5×W1×H2.3cm / 4g

Item CD: 74406

About Real Figure Strap

A mobile phone strap with a figure of a popular fishing fish as a motif. The strap part is designed with a Hanging clip, so you can use it as a zipper mascot for your bag or purse.

Materials, Notes

Material: ATBC-PVC Age range: 7 years old and up
●Please do not give to children under the target age group, as they may accidentally swallow the product or be injured. ●Please be careful when handling the figures, as some of them may be sharp in order to reproduce real creatures realistically. Please be careful when handling. ●Please do not play with the figures in a violent manner. ●Do not use or store near fire or heaters.