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Great white shark Pencil Set

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What a shame to use them! A uniquely designed pencil set
A pencil with a design of a great white shark on all sides and an eraser in the shape of the head. The hardness of the pencil is [B].

Product Size: L17.7×W0.7×H0.7cm(Pencil) / 50g

Item CD: 72810

About Pencil Set

Six pencils with creature designs and two pencil top erasers.

Materials, Notes

Material: TPR, wood, graphite Age range: 7 years old and up
●Do not use for any purpose other than writing. ●Do not use for any purpose other than writing. Sharpened pencil tips are dangerous and should be handled with care. ●Keep out of reach of small children. ●Do not lick, chew or put the pencil in your mouth. ●Do not use or store near fire or heaters.

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