Since ancient times, ancient fishes have remained almost unchanged.

Vinyl Model

Soft vinyl, which is soft enough to be easily dented when pressed by hand, is used for this voluminous model.
The flexible and sturdy material is resistant to breakage even if dropped, and can be enjoyed in many places.

Soft Model

Under the supervision of experts in various fields, the figures have been sculpted and finished with attention to detail in every aspect, from coloring to posing. With a rich lineup, these models are highly collectible.

Stationery & Accessory

The know-how and ideas of figure making have been incorporated into products for everyday use. These products add a sense of fun to stationery and accessories, making everyday life more enjoyable.

About Supervisors

Kazuyuki Moria

Natural history plastic artist
The concept is “Private Tropical World". He has held a number of solo and group exhibitions.
Created the prototype for the Ancient Fish series.

Toshiaki Igarashi

Fish Researcher
Supervision of Ancient Fish Soft Model Silver Arowana, Arapaima and Saddled bichir.
He is also widely known as a researcher of Polypterus.