Favorite AR

New experiences with fabled products using Augmented Reality

\Let's Play AR/

Play in your favorite AR world!

A new world that expands from your phone's camera.
"How big is the vinyl model? What does it look like in a room?
"What is the difference in size between the soft model and the mini model?
You can experience each of the Favorite models through augmented reality (AR).

You can check the product image.

The 3D model is placed in the space projected by the phone's camera and can be viewed from various angles.

Check the actual size.

Place the 3D model side by side with your Favorite products or on a shelf or desk to check the size of your products.

Try your hand at unique photography!

Move and zoom in and out the 3D model on the AR camera to take interesting pictures.

Try your hand at unique photography!

Move the 3D model on the AR camera to take interesting photos.

Supported OS and Recommended Environment

Safari(iOS 13 or later)

Android OS:
Latest browsers that support WebAR

How to

How to use

3D models can be viewed on PCs and smartphones; to view AR, prepare a device compatible with the above and scan the QR code to open the page.

Selectthe model you want to see from the AR-enabled models at the bottom of the page that opens.

Tap the AR button on the bottom right of the AR-enabled model to switch to the AR camera screen. AR button will not be displayed if the environment is not recommended above.

Move the device at the location where you want to place the product, and the product will be placed on the screen. You can also take a picture using the camera button.

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Share your favorite AR photos on SNS with hashtags.