Various dinosaurs inhabited the earth in ancient times.

Paint Model


Vinyl Model

Soft vinyl, which is soft enough to be easily dented when pressed by hand, is used for this voluminous model.
The flexible and sturdy material is resistant to breakage even if dropped, and can be enjoyed in many places.

Soft Model

Under the supervision of experts in various fields, the figures have been sculpted and finished with attention to detail in every aspect, from coloring to posing. With a rich lineup, these models are highly collectible.

Mini Model

To make it easier for people to enjoy biological figures. This model was born from this desire. Since it is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, you can enjoy displaying it in a variety of ways, such as on a bookshelf, around your desk, or combined with interior accessories.

Stationery & Accessory

The know-how and ideas of figure making have been incorporated into products for everyday use. These products add a sense of fun to stationery and accessories, making everyday life more enjoyable.

Real Figure

Designed for museum-quality perfection, the figures have been sculpted and supervised by experts, giving them a dignity befitting the pinnacle of the Favorite Collection.

About Supervisors

Takashi Oda

Artist active in contemporary art and restoration art of dinosaurs and other paleontological creatures. He is in charge of the overall supervision and academic support of the skeleton model and the supervision of the FDF-105 Brachiosaurus.

Kazunari Araki

Japan's leading dinosaur sculptor, who has made reconstructed models of dinosaurs for natural history museums and prototypes for dinosaur illustrated books.
Sculpted and supervised Desktop Models, Vinyl Models, Soft Models, and Mini Models.

Ren Hirayama

He specializes in the phylogenetic evolution of fossil reptiles, especially turtles. He is widely active in lectures and excavations, both in Japan and abroad.
Scientific support in the pteranodon skeleton.

Hirokazu Tokugawa

Paleontological Model Artist
A model artist of dinosaurs and paleontological reconstructions who aims to create works that combine academic research with three-dimensional appeal.
Sculptor of FDF-201 Tyrannosaurus & Triceratops.

Michael Trcic

World famous Dinosaur artist, responsible for the creation of the T-rex in the movie Jurassic Park.
He is in charge of the prototype production and supervision of all Trcic models.

Tatsuya Hirasawa

Academic support in Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus skeletons.
Paleobotanist, Ph.

Shinichi Fujiwara

Academic support in the Triceratops skeleton.
Project Researcher, University of Tokyo Museum of Advanced Studies

Shoji Hayashi

Academic support in Stegosaurus skeletons.
Researcher, Department of Paleontology, University of Bonn, Germany.