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Hone-Keshi Smilodon Skull Orange

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Realistic skull erasers that can be used and displayed
Eraser with a motif of the skull of Smilodon, an extinct beast known as a kind of saber tiger. This product can be enjoyed both as an eraser and as a display.

Product Size: L8.8×W6.2×H5.5cm / 74g

Item CD: 77601

About Hone Keshi

Eraser that realistically reproduces the skulls of various creatures. Not only can you use them as erasers, but you can also display them side by side to create your favorite space.

Materials, Notes

Material: TPR Age range: 7 years old and up
●Please handle with care to avoid accidental ingestion or injury. ●Please be careful when handling this product. Please be careful when handling. ●If the product is placed on plastic for a long time, it may melt or stick to the plastic.