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Diplodocus Vinyl Model

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Playable figures made of soft materials over 60cm long
Vinyl figure of Diplodocus, a large herbivorous dinosaur that inhabited the North American continent during the late Jurassic period. Since the material is safe for small children to touch, it can be safely played with in living rooms and children's rooms.

General Supervisor: Kazunari Araki

Product Size: L60.5×W7.5×H12cm / 225g

Item CD: 70697

About Vinyl Model

This voluminous model is made of soft vinyl that easily dents when pressed by hand. The flexible and durable material is hard to break even if dropped, and can be enjoyed in many places.

Materials, Notes

Material: ATBC-PVC Age range: 7 years old and up
●Please do not give to children under the target age group, as they may accidentally swallow the product or be injured. ●Please be careful when handling the figures, as some of them may be sharp in order to reproduce real creatures realistically. Please be careful when handling. ●Please do not play with the figures in a violent manner. ●Do not use or store near fire or heaters.

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